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Mimosa 20%

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Mimosa 20%
Mimosa 20%
This is Mimosa 10+10 CBD and CBG OIL 2000mg

We have been tirelessly searching for the Next-Generation Cannabinoid product that meets our high standards of quality.

And now you hold it in your hands: supHerb’s premium CBD/CBG oil, carefully extracted from organically grown hemp.

Mimosa is a 100% natural product, obtained by gentle extraction from free-range CBD and CBG hemp plants.

Mimosa taps into the power of CBG.

As the extraction of CBG is more complex - it is found in much smaller quantities in the plant - most Cannabis oils lack CBD’s lesser known cousin: CBG.

CBG is one of the main cannabinoids found in the Cannabis plant, and a vital complement to CBD - as it helps to enhance CBD’s full benefit.

At supHerb, we are dedicated to the best possible product, which is why we have spared no effort to provide you with our first CBD/CBG Oil.

supHerb’s Next-Level Commitment to Quality

The plants used and sourced for Mimosa are neither fertilised with minerals nor treated with pesticides. And most importantly, they are not "washed". Simply put: not even organic is good enough for us/Mimosa.

We care about every detail, and that’s why we deliberately chose high-quality organic MCT oil - known for its higher bioavailability - as the main carrier oil.

By applying the highest possible quality standards during extraction, we have developed a clean product that is clear in colour but still contains the natural smell, the terpenes, of the plants.

Our promise: Full Spectrum

Our Promise is simple: Full Spectrum guarantees that our oil contains the full cannabinoid spectrum of the plant - and therefore all its natural active ingredients.

We are convinced of Full Spectrum’s higher efficiency compared to mono-substances.

We would like to point out the Entourage effect.

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