Highkind CBD Cartridge - Artisan

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Highkind CBD Cartridge - Artisan

Highkind is in vaping in a class of it's own

Aritsan is the cheapest of all Highkind cartridges

The Terps are derived from fruits and herbs like lavender, rasperry or pineapple

  • Contains 0.5 g of uncut oil
  • A true full-spectrum CBD extract – rich in cannabinoids and enriched with terpenes
  • Optimal design for up to 200+ puffs
  • Provides a smooth and therapeutic experience
  • Quality-tested by a third-party lab

The Artisan collection contains high-strength CBD extracts that have been triple-distilled and infused with hand-selected botanic terpenes. This is the perfect place for new vapers to experiment with CBD or seasoned vapers that enjoy fruity tastes and aromas.


Highkind was formely named Synergy Extracts!

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